PRAXIS with Integrity Consulting

Established in 2001, PRAXIS with Integrity supports and promotes hands-on training. We are dedicated to excellence in the fields of the helping profession though education, consulting, and training services.

Our approach is fun, informative, and effective in creating change of attitude and practice. Our methods and materials are designed to help individuals and agencies achieve a high level of competence and confidence necessary to meet their goals. We create customized training with post-training technical assistance and fidelity implementation support. Our goal is to provide training and consulting services to meet the demands of a complex and ever changing society and workforce.

We have a strong belief that all people possess the necessary ability to change their own life. Through our partnering with others we empower leadership, front-line providers, families and youth.  We encourage them to utilized their current and past lived experiences to create the life they want for themselves and those they influence directly and in directly.

We are dedicated and intentional in our processes to empower others to “Live the Best Version of Themselves” everyday and positively influence others on their journey.

Our company embodies the true definition of “PRAXIS”. The gap between text and the world. The difference between things that need to be done, rather than taking action to get them done. Appreciating knowledge that is based on reality and lived experiences not theory first. The act of engaging for the sake of self discovery, application, realization and practicing ideas in everyday living.


“Do unto others as you would have others do unto others”

                                                                                         Jeree Pawl (1998)


Family Nurturing Center of Texas

“Praxis” founder and CEO, Sonya Thorn partners with Nurturing Parenting Program™ to become the Texas arm for all Nurturing Parenting training and fidelity implementation consulting internationally. In her position, as the executive director of  The Family Nurturing Center of Texas and through this partnership and mission of empowering communities throughout the world to help families and communities experience the success of living a life free from physical, verbal, and emotional abuse and neglect. The Family Nurturing Center of Texas offers Nurturing Parenting Program facilitator training, leadership coaching, clinical and reflective supervision, parenting assessment training services using the AAPI, NSCS, and PARTI. For more information about our assessments, visit Assessing Parenting website.

Dr. Stephen Bavolek, creator of the Nurturing Parenting Program™, is an internationally recognized professional in the fields of parenting education and child abuse and neglect treatment and prevention. He is also the founder and president of Family Development Resources, Inc., established in 1983 to develop and distribute valid and reliable inventories and programs to identify and help families who are experiencing the abuse and neglect of their children. For more information, visit the Nurturing Parenting website. The Nurturing Parenting Programs™ are family-based and trauma informed in their focus on increasing nurturing parenting skills. These programs include a variety of activities that work to build self-awareness, emotional regulation, empathy, love and compassion, along with discipline to form healthy parent-child bonds while living a nurturing and intentional life. The Nurturing Parenting Programs™ are recognized nationally and used internationally as proven programs for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. They have a history of being recognized by state and national entities that inform best practices in the fields of Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Parenting, Family Support, Military and foster,Adoption and Kinship Placements. Department of Children Services, Administration of Children Services. Department of Defense, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the National Registry for Evidence-based Parenting Programs (NREPP), and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJPD)are just a few of the entities that recognize Nurturing Parenting Program™ as an evidence based model with evidence based curricula and programs.

“Nurture Me and Watch Me Grow”

Facitators, trainers, and agencies that successfully complete our three-day facilitator training and implement the Nurturing Program to fidelity may request to be added to Family Nurturing Center of Texas affiliate list.