Nurturing Online Program™ Direct Service Implementation Materials
Family Workbook

This item is for you if you were trained during the COVID-19 Pandemic months of March through present day and if you are wanting to provide direct implementation services to families. The Facilitator Instructional Manual and Resources are part of the Nurturing Program for Families 5-19™.

Every Individual Facilitator will need this item to virtual implement the Nurturing Online Program™ with families parents, co-parents, foster & adoptive parents, kinship placements and any other adults who play an important role in raising children ages of all ages. This workbook takes the place of the parent handbook and has been development to be given to the families only.

This workbook is not sold separate from the Facilitators Instructional Manual and Resources. It was developed for the highest risk families sometimes referred to as tertiary/treatment although it can be used with all families with slight modifications that are explained in the introduction pages of the program.

This item can be downloaded into your computer valid for 1 year multiple copy permission privilege granted to individuals and agencies implementing the Nurturing Online Program™ only . You can not make multiple copies and share with other professionals or agencies. This is to be copied for families only and all copies and pages must contain the following: All copyright privileges belong to Praxis with Integrity Consulting PLLC, DBA Family Nurturing Center of Texas and the principle author Sonya Michelle Thorn, MSOL LCSW. Copyright infringement is not approved unless a temporary MOU has been written between parties.