Nurturing Families Introduction™

  • Facilitator Instruction Manual with Resources – Competencies 1-3 with 10 Lessons. This is the first 10 lessons of the newly updated Nurturing Families Introduction™.
  • Family Workbook (Comp. 1-3).

This item is for you if you have already completed a Nurturing Facilitator Training in the last 3 years from a recognized Nurturing Program Trainer/Consultant (E-mail FNC-TX at if you are not sure).

When you purchase the Nurturing Families Introduction™ you will notice that we have provided you with two links. The first link will allow you a one-time download of the Facilitator Instructional Manual with Resources. This item can only be downloaded into one computer with a 1 download and 1 copy permission privilege. You cannot make multiple copies and share with others or transfer it through multiple computers. All copyright privileges belong to Praxis with Integrity Consulting PLLC, DBA Family Nurturing Center of Texas and the principle author Sonya Michelle Thorn, MSOL LCSW. Copyright infringement is not approved unless a temporary MOU has been written between parties.

The second link will allow you to download Family Workbook, for each family you serve. You can also email the Family Workbook to the families, so they have them when you implement the Nurturing Program session. The 10 lessons should be implemented in sequential order and in its entirety. Adult Adolescent Parenting Inventory should be completed at pre-implementation and again at post to gather outcome data.

The Nurturing Families Introduction™ can be implemented with families, individuals, parents, or groups. This item can only be purchased when individuals are registered to attend a facilitator training through the Family Nurturing Center of Texas or have attended a facilitator training from a recognized Trainer/Consultant in the last three years and met all facilitator certification requirements.

Nurturing Program Facilitator Agreement