Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the Nurturing Parenting Programs?

The Nurturing Programs are cost effective, trauma informed, validated, family centered programs that have proven effectiveness in treating and preventing the recurrence of child abuse and neglect. Since 1983 the Nurturing Programs have been helping families learn new attitudes and skills designed to reduce family dysfunction.

Which program should I use?

 Infant, Toddler Preschool and/or NPF5-19

There are different programs based on families needs. Agencies should choose the program or curriculum depending on the needs of the families they serve. Caution should be taken in choosing the program or curriculum based on agency and staff needs. Choosing the right program for the right family makes all the difference in outcomes. There are programs for education-prevention called Primary Prevention, programs for prevention-low intervention called Secondary Prevention and programs for intervention-treatment called Tertiary Prevention.The biggest distinction can be seen in the number of sessions (dosage) and frequency of service delivery.

Do I need to purchase the implementation curriculum or program before the training ?

Yes, the NP Facilitator training requires the purchase of at least one set of materials.  Infant, Toddler Preschool and/or NPF5-19

To become a certified facilitator of the Nurturing Program you must go through a facilitator training that is offered by a certified trainer recognized by Family Development Resources and/or a designated Family Nurturing Center. Your trainer will have the option of including the curriculum or program in the training price or assisting you with the purchase of the correct program for your target population immediately after or while you are being trained. The best implementation trainings are when the participants have the material with them at the training.

Are the Nurturing Programs evidenced-based?

The Nurturing Programs are evidenced–based programs recognized by National Registry of Evidenced-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency (OJJDP), Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) and Child Welfare League of America (CWLA). They have 33+ years of research to show the effectiveness with Treatment/Tertiary populations.

Currently we have many states writing the Nurturing Program into their 5 year State Families First Prevention Service plans.

Do I need training to implement the programs?

Training is necessary to ensure proper understanding and fidelity implementation of the Nurturing Programs. The success of the programs depends on competent, qualified professionals understanding the implementation, goals and philosophy of the program. Trainings are posted on the website. Agencies can also host trainings through their agency by contacting the Family Nurturing Center of Texas. See our training calendar for more information.

How do I measure the effectiveness of the program?

The Nurturing Programs have various tools to assess and evaluate the program. The Adult Adolescent Parenting Inventory gathers beliefs parents have about raising children in five individual constructs. The Nurturing Skills Competency Scales gather information about the parents, their partners, knowledge the parent’s have of different parenting practices and how often parents use appropriate parenting practices. We also have various documents to ensure process data is used to  measure the progress the families are making and that competencies are being reached.

Are the Nurturing Parenting Programs easy to use?

Yes, when people attend the Faciltator training you are then attached to a Trainer who then takes responsibility to ensure your individual needs are met. After you have completed the facilitator training, purchased the appropriate curriculum and met all requirements to be a certified facilitator you will have access to your trainer. The programs are very structured. Each session has competencies to be reached and lessons to facilitate to reach goals set by the families. All lessons in every program and curriculum directly or indirectly are related to an AAPI construct. We have material for facilitators and for members of the family we are serving.

At the training you will be provided with a training workbook please do not mistake this for the material needed to implement the program or curriculum.

What makes Nurturing Program unique or different from other parenting curriculum?

Some of our biggest differentiators are the following:

  • A 33 year assessment tool is built into out model.
  • Implementation can be for education-prevention called Primary Prevention, programs for prevention-low intervention called Secondary Prevention and programs for intervention-treatment called Tertiary Prevention. At the tertiary level Nurturing Program is a maltreatment family education program. At the primary and secondary level it is possible no different than many parenting curriculums.
  • We are family focused not child focused. We are here today and gone tomorrow in a child’s life. We work more directly with the adults in a family system. It is adults in the child’s everyday environment that make the biggest and longest difference on the child.
  • We are competency based and we have lessons under competencies to help families reach the competency. Our tertiary programs are relationship based and our lessons are scaffolded, a beginning lesson is needed to attain family application and retention of a future lesson. Our content page does not do service to all of what is captured during the interaction between facilitators and families. The experiential nature of our interaction with families is what contributes to the progress families make in their continued experiences and interactions with others.
  • We are research based at the level of our model and intervention. We are grounded on sound research, a sound value system and a sound philosophy for service provision.
  • We take the approach that dosage and frequency of lessons absolutely matter as it pertains to changing attitudes and increasing knowledge in family and parent education services.
  • We recognize that the families we work with are from different walks of life and from diverse and valuable cultures. We train facilitators to reframe from imposing their cultural values and parenting beliefs on others.

May I copy Nurturing Parenting Program materials to share with others?

We are no different as program developers than any other. Our work and material are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any manner, including sending documents or placing on the Internet. Please help us preserve the integrity of the Nurturing Parenting philosophy and all it’s derived work for the past 30 plus years.

Purchasing & Download Questions

Where can I purchase the Nurturing Programs Families 5-19™ ?

We are happy to say that Nurturing Program Families 5-19™ is an e-document and you will receive it as soon as you purchase it! If you go to the “Training” on this website and click on “Purchase Curriculum” you will have the option to purchase the curriculum.

How many times can I download the curriculum?

Once.  When processing your purchase of the Nurturing Program Families 5-19 it is important that the download is made from on your laptop or desktop.  There are two ways to access the download purchased.  ONE – When processing the purchase you will have the option at the end to download or TWO – you can access the download from the email receipt that will be sent to the email entered during purchase. 

What if I cannot open the download or it's blank?

During your purchase process of the NPF5-19 make sure you save it in a file that you will have easy access to.  Go to the download file where you saved it on your laptop or desktop, and “open with” a web browser of your choice.(Chome, Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.)  This will depend on your computer system and/or technology departments.

What if I do not receive an purchase email confirmation with the link?

Like many automatic system email replies, there are firewalls and protections of systems.  We have found that you will find the confirmation email in the SPAM file of your email system.  

What if someone else is making the purchase for you?

When you have someone else making the purchase for you, please ensure that they enter your information and not theirs.  Keep in mind that at the end of the purchase process there will be an option to open up the download. Ensure that they person making the purchase does NOT open the download as this will affect your ability to access the download.